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The Military Veterans of Manzanita Cemetery 

Anne Constantin Birge


So long as they speak your name, you shall never die. Dan Brown


Americans have long appreciated our Veterans and Active Duty military personnel. But, the ones who’ve been laid to rest are often forgotten. Thankfully, since 1868, we’ve had Memorial Day, where Americans honor their Veterans who’ve since passed. No matter the time of year, at the many cemeteries where Ray (my husband) and I walk, we enjoy the pure serenity of places which honor our Veterans. We try to stop at each Veteran’s grave marker, say his or her name out loud and say Thank You for helping keep America and her Allies safe. 


Just outside the hustle and bustle of downtown Lincoln, California. there’s a cemetery that’s very special to us. There, the din of car horns, slamming doors, cell phone notifications or barking dogs, doesn’t exist. Instead, visitors hear the screes of a resident Red-shouldered Hawk, the constant bickering of the back-seat-driving Canada Geese, the lowing of the Black Angus cattle which dot the surrounding pastures and the occasional report of a gunshot (are they echoes from its days as a Robbers’ Roost?). What’s mostly heard is the ephemeral sound of the ever-present breeze that drifts among the branches of the oak and pine trees which grace the Veterans’ gravesites on the hallowed grounds of the 171-year old Manzanita Cemetery. 


Some of the cemetery’s Veterans’ grave markers look like they were just made yesterday of native or imported granite, dolomite, marble, zinc, bronze and even clay. Some are covered with lichens, moss, leaves and/or dirt which make the carved names almost illegible. Most are adorned with a seasonal wreath, US Flags, toys, rocks and/or coins. In some cases, grave markers noted the Veterans earned medals for bravery, combat wounds and flight time. Occasionally, the Veteran’s bravery and valor was genetic and a relative, who enlisted during their own generation, rests nearby. No matter the season, Manzanita Cemetery looks like Heaven poured colors of the rainbow amid her grasses, flowers, bushes and trees. Sometimes, the plants look glorious in their full Spring bloom, parched to a golden-tan in the heat of Summer or look like fire, just before they succumb to the inevitable Autumn’s cold.


But, no matter the time of year, the Manzanita Cemetery Veterans’ grave markers depict dates of birth which span from as early as 1814 to 181-years later. They are Veterans of the Mexican War (1846 to 1848), Civil War (Union and Confederate), Spanish American War (1898), World War I (1914 to 1918), World War II (1939 to 1945), Korea (1950 to 1953), Vietnam (1955 to 1975) and the Global War on Terrorism (11 September 2001 to Present). Some emigrated from other states, countries and some were born in what would become Lincoln and were Lincoln’s first families. They served in almost all the branches of America’s military - Air Force, Navy, Army, Army Air Corps / Forces, Marine Corps, Merchant Marine and Coast Guard. Some were officers and some were enlisted. They were Grandfathers, Grandmothers, Fathers, Mothers, Brothers, Sisters, Sons, Daughters, Grandsons, Granddaughters, Nephews, Nieces, Lovers, Best Friends, Co-workers, Neighbors, Schoolmates or Diners at the next table. Four were women, who enlisted during WWII and whose grave makers lay adjacent to their Veteran husbands’ grave markers. 


What each Manzanita Cemetery Veterans’ grave marker doesn’t say is that each Veteran had idealism in their heart, bravery on their face and fear in their soul. Thankfully, each grave marker announces that every one of the Manzanita Cemetery Veterans proudly served in the military of our United States of America.


Our dead are never dead to us, until we have forgotten them. George Eliot


Almost everyone knows a Someone who was in the military. Manzanita Cemetery has at least 118 Someones. While again walking through the cemetery in early-2021, I found a Someonewhose severely damaged and mostly missing 79-year old fired clay tile (possibly a roof tile) was glazed in white with gray stenciled letters. Though one-third of his grave marker was missing, I found the Lincoln-born man’s name was Abraham Lincoln ‘Abe’ Stevenson. I discovered his cemetery plot also included his wife, their adult son and Abe’s sister-in-law and her newborn daughter. Sadly, Abe’s 12” x 8” partial clay grave marker was the only adornment for the four graves, except for some Robin’s Egg Blue glazed roof tile shards adjacent to Abe’s.


Abe was a Blacksmith at Gladding, McBean for 33-years, until he retired in 1938. He was also a Veteran of the National Guard, assigned to Company ‘I,’ 2nd Infantry Regiment, 3rd Brigade from 14 July 1897 to 29 August 1904. During the Spanish American War, he and his unit were deployed in California to protect against invasion. 


While researching the Veterans, I discovered about 24 were Lincoln natives (**) and at least 27 Veterans and/or their family members worked at Gladding, McBean (highlighted in blue, often referred to as ThePottery). The following list of Veterans includes four women (highlighted in purple) and 114 men who joined the military to defend America and her Allies. For omissions of any Veterans’ names or any other errors, I sincerely apologize: 


Allen, Glenn Edward                                                             US Navy - Korea                   25July 1930 to 07 Oct 2015

            Glenn’s father, Edward was and Engineer at Gladding McBean

Arndt, Ferdinand R                                                                Confederate States Army     13 July 1838 to 28 Sep 1913

Tilden’s Co MO L Artillery, Ferdinand’s sons, George and Lester (Mold Maker), worked at Gladding McBean

Armstrong, Sr, Kenneth Houston                PVT                 USAF - Korea                        25 July 1931 to 29 Aug 1999

            Kenneth’s brothers: William Wayne Armstrong - M/Sgt, USAF – Korea; Chas Edward Armstrong, Jr - Seaman 1st Class, US Navy

Backus, Robert Graham                               PFC                US Army - Korea                   06 Aug 1932 to 10 Jul 2010

Beaulieu, Lester Fillmore                             PVT                Spanish Amer War (1898)    10 Sep 1882 to 02 Mar 1956

            1st enlistment - Co A 3rd Regiment, Wisconsin Infantry, 2nd enlistment - Band, 20th Regiment of Infantry Oct 1903 to Oct 1906

Bilderback, Daniel Albert                              F1 Cl               US Navy - WWI                     28 July 1896 to 20 Nov 1940

Daniel worked as a modeler at Gladding, McBean, Daniel’s son, Charles, was a M/Sgt in the USAF

Bilderback, Huston Lee (died- Spanish Flu)     PVT                 Coast Artillery Corps - WWI 14 Mar 1897 to 06 Nov 1918

            Lee, their father, also worked at Gladding McBean

Blackie, James Clark **                                PVT                US Army - WWI                     29 Jul 1899 to 25 Dec 1948

            Assigned to 669th CO Motor Transportation Corp and James worked as a tile presser at Gladding, McBean

Booher, Billy Ray ‘Bill’                                   CPL                USMC - Vietnam                   04 Jan 1950 to 25 Dec 1994 

Bowers, John Warren                                   Lt                     US Navy - WWII                    13 May 1914 to 17 Dec 2001 

            John was a at Pearl Harbor on 7 Dec 1941, was a ship’s Chaplain and also served in the Merchant Marine, and US Navy Reserve


Brown, Wilmot Merlin **                                T/Sgt               US Army - WWII                    24 Apr 1919 to 22 Aug 1999

Wilmot’s wife was Betty Catlett Brown

Brown, Betty Eloise (née: Catlett)                2nd Lt               US Army Nurse Corp                        26 Oct 1922 to 29 Jul 2016

            Betty’s father, Russell was in the Army in WWI

Budd, William Luther                                                             US Navy - WWII                    25 July 1913 to 08 Nov 1974

Cardosa, Albert Joseph ** 11th Weather Squ  Sgt                  US Air Force                          12 Feb 1942 to 02 Oct 2015

Albert’s father, Joe, was a Machine Operator for 42-years at Gladding McBean

Carnock, David Ralph WWII, Korea & Vietnam     S/Sgt   US Army                                 13 Sep 1928 to 04 Feb 1985

Carpenter, Patrick Lee                                  M/Sgt              US Army - Vietnam               03 Apr 1947 to 11 May 1988

            Patrick’s father is RV Carpenter

Carpenter, RV Ervin Oroville                        PFC                USMC - WWII                        11 Nov 1920 to 29 Aug 1996

RV’s brothers, Custer and Raymond, were in the Army in WWII

Cash, Lawrence Dean                                  MM3               US Navy - WWII                    06 Sep 1927 to 27 Mar 2006

            Lawrence’s brothers: Dennis was in the Air Force, Vernon in the Navy aboard the USS Boxer 

Chamberlain, Rowland Lee                          2nd Lt               US Army - WWI                     10 July 1888 to 29 Jul 1968

            Rowland’s brother, Thomas, was in WWI

Clark, Ernest James (805th Aero Squadron)    Sgt                                    WWI                     25 Aug 1895 to 29 Feb 1964


Clinton, Timothy Roy (4th Inf Div, Purple Heart) Sgt                  US Army - Vietnam               16 Jan 1949 to 28 Apr 2004

Correia, Frank Edwin (Two Purple Hearts)       Sgt                  US Army - Korea                   12 Nov 1930 to 18 Oct 2016, 

            Frank fought in the Battle of Pork Chop Hill (April to July 1953)

Cummings, Jack Dempsey                                                  US Air Force - Korea            31 Jul 1932 to 25 Jan 1999 Cunningham, James ‘Gordon’                                             US Army - Korea                   07 Jan 1927 to 11 Mar 2012

Dobbins, Peter Jacobsen ‘Jack’                                          US Army Air Corps - WWII   03 Mar 1923 to 03 Mar 1985

Emerson, Elton James ‘EJ’                          EM2                US Navy - Vietnam               22 Jun 1944 to 29 Jan 1974

Files, James Raymond ‘Jim’                                                US Navy - WWII                    30 Aug 1926 to 29 Sep 2016           Jim had 4 brothers: Bill, Bob, Frank and Jack - all buried at Manzanita Cemetery

Files, William Mark ‘Bill’                                Cpl                  US Army - Korea                   10 Sep 1929 to 29 Mar 2002

Bill worked at Gladding McBean 

Forssell, Gary Eugene          (Bronze Star)     SP 5                US Army - Vietnam               07 Jun 1944 to 18 Jan 2020 Forssell, Roger Eugene                                     1st Lt                US Army AF - WWII             10 Jan 1921 to 01 Jul 2001 

            Roger was a B-24 Liberator Aircraft Commander - 380th Bomb Group, 531st Bomb Squ aboard CRUISIN SUSAN (42-73201)

He was a recipient of the Distinguished Flying Cross and Air Medal

Frenaye, III William Eagleton    (pilot)           1st Lt                US Army AF - WWII             24 Mar 1923 to 21 Jan 2003

            Became a pacifist and human rights advocate, William’s brother, John, USMC in Okinawa - Purple Heart recipient

Ganz, Alfred Nelson ‘Al’ (Signal Corps)          CPL                US Army - WWII                    24 Jan 1920 to 13 Nov 1998

Garrett, James Marvin                                  PVT                1st Inf 13th Div - WWI             26 Aug 1895 to 03 Jun 1949

Gilbert, James Stanley ‘Bud’                        PFC                US Army - WWII                    18 Jun 1925 to 07 Dec 2002

Gilbert, Stanley LeRoy **                                                      US Army - WWII                    13 Jan 1922 to 07 Nov 1996

Gordon, David Eugene                                                         US Army                                 06 Dec 1941 to 05 Feb 2015

            Enlisted 1964 to 1970, then 35-yr career in the McClelland AFB Print Shop, Step-father Theodore Salas

Hardin, Joseph Claude ‘JC’                         MSGT             USAF - Korea & Vietnam     29 Jan 1931 to 30 Sep 1984 

Hauck, Donald Dean                                     EN 3               US Navy                                 26 Oct 1937 to 16 Aug 2001

            Donald’s brother, Jerry, was a US Army S/Sgt and Vietnam War Veteran (1944 to 2009)

Heryford, Daniel Brown (Mexican War)           Capt                Co M, 2nd MO Mounted         01 Jan 1814 to 08 May 1890

Holmes, Clifford Verne                                 S/Sgt               US Army Air Corps - WWII   13 Jul 1919 to 17 Jun 1996


Holmes, Joseph (Civil War - Union)                  Sgt                  Co D, 4th Iowa Infantry                      1840 to 6 July 1881

Howard, Norman Lee                                                            US Air Force                          10 May 1932 to 1 Nov 2012

            Norman was the Lincoln High School Math and Drivers’ Training teacher from 1960 to 1992

Hughey, Sr Chester Vatchel                        SF1                 USNR - WWII                        14 Mar 1907 to 22 Jan 1973

Hutchinson, Chester Vernon                        PVT                166th Depot Brig - WWII        17 Mar 1891 to 01 Oct 1958

Chester worked as a Presser at Gladding McBean

Jenkins, William Neal                                    S/Sgt               US AAF - WWII                     16 Mar 1920 to 10 Jan 2004

            William worked for Gladding McBean for 23-years

Johnson, Sr Earl Gordon                              CAPT              US Army - WWII & Korea     02 July 1921 to 05 Jul 1984

Johnson, William (from Denmark - Civil War)    PVT - Union   Co G, 2nd Calif Cavalry                     1824 to 18 Jan 1893

Jorstad, Emily L (née: Eskuche) Jorstad    2nd Lt               Army Nurse Corps - WWII    26 Oct 1911 to 21 Dec 2010

Emily, Otto Jorstad’s wife, was a US Army Nurse for two years at the SF Presidio 

Jorstad, Oswald George **                           S/Sgt               US Army Air Forces - WWII 13 Dec 1918 to 02 May 1976

Jorstad, Otto Richard **                                                        US Army Air Forces - WWII 24 May 1914 to 08 May 1999

Langley, Adrian Dale                                                            US Army - Vietnam               09 Sep 1951 to 10 Feb 1997

Langley, Tommy Lee                                    PVT                US Army - Vietnam               13 Jun 1952 to 22 Dec 1985

            Adrian and Tommy were brothers

Logan, Frederick Delos ‘Fred’ **                  Flight Officer  US Army Air Forces - WWII 06 Feb 1916 to 24 Oct 2006

Lowe, Harold Raymond ‘Brick’                                             US Army Air Forces - WWII 18 Sep 1920 to 27 Feb 2001

Lyda, Clarence Dea                                                              USMC - WWII                        27 July 1923 to 26 Jul 1997

Clarence was pipe cutter at Gladding, McBean and owned Lyda’s Chevron (5th & G, Lincoln)

Clarence’s father, Olin Dea Lyda, was a US Army Sgt in Medical Detachment, 43rd Infantry in WWI

Maher, Jr Ralph Cornelius                           S1                   US Navy - WWII                    19 Sep 1926 to 15 Apr 1998

Mandeville, James Bagley                                                   US Army                                 25 Aug 1938 to 30 Jul 2017

Mariner, William Jacob ‘Bill’ ** 4th generation Lincoln resident  US Army - Vietnam               07 Jan 1944 to 24 Nov 1995

Moomau, Jr Donald Johnson                                               USAF                                      21 Mar 1930 to 06 Sep 1994

Meyer, Yale                                                    T/Sgt               US Army - WWII                    24 Sep 1917 to 11 Dec 1966


Meyerpeter, William Richard ‘Bill’                Pilot                 USAF - Vietnam                    29 Jan 1933 to 09 Sep 2016

            Bill’s Father, William H Meyerpeter, was a USMC Private from 1925 through 1927

Mills, Rev Clyde Allen (Metalsmith / Fireman)  MEFN             US Navy - Korea                   12 Feb 1933 to 19 Jul 2020

Moore, Robert Thomas ** (851st Aviation Eng)            Sgt                  US Army - WWII                    12 Dec 1917 to 20 Aug 2001

Morrow, Jr Gilbert Burton (Spanish American War)                  Co M, 2nd WI Infantry Reg    01 Apr 1872 to 26 Aug 1935

            Married into the Dippel family, Lincoln pioneers

Murray, Wayne Basil                                     S2                   US Navy - WWII                    25 Nov 1917 to 31 Oct 1985

Nader, Laura Joan (née: Loomis)                CPL                 Women’s Army Corps WWII 13 Apr 1923 to 16 Mar 2015

Nader, Stanley Henry **                               Lt                     US Army - WWII                    22 Sep 1915 to 27 Jul 1997

            Forward Obs, 44th Artillery, CO D, 1st, Laura and Stanley were married for 55-years

Neville, Cletus Christopher **                       PVT                WWI (C13 Prov CO Demob CP)  02 Feb 1899 to 14 Jan 1964

Neville, Elden Ameal ** (Bomber Unit)            PVT                 US Army - WWII                    13 Feb 1917 to 14 Jan 1978

Neville, Richard Stoddard ** (Torpedoman)   TM1                US Army - WWII                    03 Sep 1923 to 21 Jun 1972

Cletus and Eldon were brothers, Cletus and John H Neville, his father, worked at Gladding McBean 

Cletus’ son, Richard, was an Electrician at Gladding McBean, Lincoln Postmaster and a member of the Lincoln Police Dept

Newman, Herbert Farrell                              PVT                 USNR - WWII                        19 Sep 1926 to 31 Mar 2016


Newton, Steven Andrew                               CPL                 US Army - Afghanistan         03 Jan 1994 to 14 Jun 2019

Norris, Monroe Lee               (Texas)             PFC                US Army - Korea                   16 Jun 1928 to 08 Dec 1973

Noyes, Robert Arthur **                                                        USMC - WWII                        27 Jul 1923 to 26 July 1997

            Robert worked at Gladding McBean

Nunes, Jr Arthur Peter (USS Silverstein DE-534) RD2             US Navy - Korea                   19 Mar 1931 to 29 Nov 1999 

Oliver, Thomas Edward                                SP5                 US Army - Vietnam               23 Nov 1950 to 02 Jan 2013

Patch, John Durwood ‘The Kid’                   EN3                US Navy                                 30 July 1964 to 20 Dec 1985

Patch, Sr, Robert Warren ‘Bobby’                  PFC                US Army - Korea                   12 Mar 1934 to 05 May 1997

Bobby and John were Father and Son

Payne, Timothy James                                 ABH2              US Navy                                 28 Aug 1959 to 02 Feb 2017
Pierce, Carl Arthur                                        CMM               US Navy - WWII                    04 July 1908 to 02 Jun 1986

Pierce, Olga Lola Rosa (née: Rossetti)       Y3                   US Navy - WWII                    29 Nov 1913 to 29 Oct 1986

Carl Arthur Pierce’s wife 


Price, Albert **                                               PVT                US Army - WWII                    23 Oct 1922 to 18 Sep1990

·       Price brothers: Albert (1922 to 1990) Army; Elmer (1905 to 1983); James (1914 to 2003) Army; Richard (1920 to 2001) Army; William (1917 to 1983) Army; Gerald Webster (stepbrother - 1926 to 1998) Navy.

·       Price brothers’ Stepfather - Asa Webster - worked at Gladding McBean

·       Price brothers’ Maternal Great-Grandfather, Ezra Johnson (1826 to 1908) in Civil War - buried at Lincoln Cemetery 

Price, Richard                        (Purple Heart)    T/Sgt               US Army - WWII                    26 Aug 1920 to 06 Jun 2001 

Price, William David                                     PFC                US Army - WWII                    29 Aug 1917 to 15 Jun 1963

Raxter, Cecil Avrille                                       CPL                 US Army - WWII                    26 Jan 1914 to 01 Mar 1985

Rice, Joseph Edwin                                                              US Navy                                 23 Jan 1932 to 17 Jun 1989

Rickard, William Donald                                                       US Army - Vietnam               10 Aug 1947 to 25 Jun 2016 

William, with Edgy, his bulldozer, was a true hero, He refused to accept his duly awarded Silver Star, Bronze Star & Purple Heart

Rush, James Michael (aerial Gunner in Pacific)                        US Navy - WWII                    02 May 1923 to 07 Jun 1987

Russell, Jr Edward Bates **                         Tech 4            US Army - WWII                    24 Nov 1925 to 01 Nov 2004

Russell, Edward Bates **                             PVT1C            363rd Inf 91st Div                    14 Jul 1891 to 10 Jan 1934 

Edward and Robert, his brother, were laborers at Gladding McBean

Salas, Theodore R ‘Ted’ (Bronze Star)                                   US Navy - WWII                    14 Dec 1922 to 05 Dec 2012 


Sandstad, Elton Ralph **                              CPL                 USMCR - WWII                     29 Dec 1920 to 22 Feb 1944

Elton was Killed in Action and posthumously awarded an engraved Bronze Star          

            Elton’s uncle, Newt Sandstad, was a Tractor Driver at Gladding McBean

Elton’s father married Veva (nee: Turner) Sandstad, She later married Charles Gladding, son of the co-founder. 

Sartain, Henry Price (Span Amer War)            QM Sgt           8th Reg, CA Inf, Co K            01 Jan 1862 to 08 Jun 1940

            (Henry worked at Gladding McBean and was Lincoln Postmaster)    

Schmittou, James Melton     police officer      PVT                 US Army - WWI                     14 Oct 1894 to 13 Feb 1972

Seifert, Jerry Christian                                  CPL                 6th Engrs 3rd Div - WWI         13 Jun 1894 to 18 Dec 1945

Sepponen, Carl Matt                                     Major              US Army - WWII                    10 Aug 1913 to 24 Nov 2005

Carl was awarded the Victoria Cross for gallantry during the China-Burma-India Campaign       

Shepherd, Cecil David USS Luzon (ARG-2)                            US Navy - WWII                    15 July 1923 to 25 Dec 1994

Shipman, Jasper Sylvester ‘Ship’                                        US Army - Korea                   03 Dec 1929 to 03 Feb 1999

Short, James Stanford                                  Sgt                  US Army Air Corps - WWII   23 Mar 1917 to 27 Jun 1991

Smedley, Toby Andrew                                PO3                US Navy                                 09 Sep 1965 to 22 Dec 1996

Smith, William Robert    (WWII & Korea)         M/Sgt              US Army - USAF                   03 Feb 1924 to 21 Aug 2001


Solander, Dale Walton **                              SP3                 US Army                                 14 Sep 1937 to 16 Apr 1983

Spears, Jay T                                                PFC                US Army - WWII                    19 Nov 1923 to 01 Jul 2009 

Staley, Ronald Eugene                                 SP4                 US Army - Vietnam               29 Aug 1947 to 17 Mar 2005 

Stephenson, Abraham Lincoln ‘Abe’ **                               Spanish American War         01 Oct 1865 to 26 Jun 1941

            Abe - blacksmith at Gladding, McBean 33-years, son William, pipe presser, brother Thomas, a truck driver for Gladding McBean

Stevens, Jr, Frank E (Korea, Vietnam) **        CPO                US Navy                                 10 Oct 1934 to 14 July 1994

Taylor, Joseph Andrew                                 PVT                US Army - WWII                    01 Apr 1918 to 29 Jan 1992

Thompson, Ernest Ray **                             M/Sgt              USAF - Korea & Vietnam     01 Aug 1934 to 09 Mar 1991

            Ernest was awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross

Tucker, George Dewey **                            PVT                 128 Station Hosp - WWII      01 May 1898 to 15 Oct 1966

Turner, Thomas Altman                                PVT                US Army - WWII                    14 Feb 1919 to 05 Jul 1978

Vorous, Francis Meyers                               PharMate2     US Navy - WWI                     11 Dec 1896 to 07 Oct 1935

Francis, his father, Francis, and Francis’ brother, Edward, worked at Gladding McBean


Westfall, Harold Clarence                             SEA2              US Navy - WWI                     04 Nov 1899 to 17 Sep 1980

Wilkerson, Richard Irling (10-31-1950 10-13-1953)              US Army - Korea                   02 Sep 1933 to 25 Dec 2018

Williams, Frankey ‘Gene’                                                      US Navy (South Pacific)       13 Apr 1926 to 22 Mar 2007

Winkler, Clifford Bruno                                  Major              USAF - WWII                         03 Feb 1902 to 24 May 1976

Wright, Edward Paul             (Arkansas)         AS                   US Navy - WWII                    13 Aug 1902 to 04 Jul 1961

Wyatt, Lyle Edwin **                                     MM1               US Navy - Korea                   28 Jun 1935 to 24 Apr 2007

Lyle’s father, James E Wyatt, worked at Gladding McBean

Zugnoni, Steven John ** (Army Natl Guard)    Fireman          US Navy - Gulf War              30 Apr 1966 to 08 July 2013

Recently, I came across Linda Ellis’ poem entitled, The Dash. It’s about a man who spoke at a funeral and noted the dates of birth and death of his friend. But, what mattered most to the eulogist was The Dash in between those dates. A lot of the Veterans buried at Manzanita Cemetery brought home tangible memories of their time in the military - Distinguished Flying Crosses, Silver Stars, Bronze Stars, Purple Hearts, Air Medals and a variety of well-earned Unit Citations and/or Campaign medals. All the Manzanita Cemetery Veterans have one thing in common - they brought us an irreplaceable gift with each medal, each bandage, each word of hope and each story in their Dash - they brought us our continuing freedoms. For that, we owe them our eternal gratitude.

Next time you’re at any cemetery, take time to stop at Veterans’ grave markers, say their names aloud and thank them.



The Flag of the United States of America doesn't just move because of the wind.

She flies with pride from the breath of each American who's fought trying to protect her and her Allies.



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