Clay tiles, terra cotta, pottery, pipe

With over 140 years of invention, innovation and some of the world’s richest clay reserves, Gladding, McBean is the leader in Terra Cotta, Clay Pipe and Tile products. Today Gladding uses sophisticated technology to create distinctive design elements and functional new products. By using the past to design the future, Gladding, McBean combines old world craftsmanship with modern technology to re-create some of the world’s most famous building elements.

Terra Cotta

Gladding, McBean Terra Cotta provides an exceptional tool for creating striking effects. Whether it’s restoration of legacy structures or the creation of distinct new construction custom elements, GMCB is the leader in Terra Cotta artistry. GMCB combines the artisan craftsmanship with sophisticated technological manufacturing to create and re-create some of the world’s most famous design elements.

Clay Sewer Pipe

Historically better. Gladding, McBean produces clay pipe with proprietary technology that is the proven leader in sustainable underground wastewater systems. GMCB clay pipe features greater density, higher strength and watertight jointing to deliver the lowest life cycle cost of any piping solution.

Roof and Floor Tile

The unique visual qualities of a Gladding, McBean clay tile roof or floor make it a prominent design feature in defining the overall character of a historic building or custom home. Our exclusive clay reserves and unique manufacturing process creates tiles with elegance, quality and rich color.

Artisan Pottery

Each piece of Gladding, McBean architectural garden pottery is individually hand-formed and glazed by one of our experienced potters. The GMB artist's Registered Seal guarantees that you are in possession of an authentic piece of the Gladding, McBean garden pottery collection. Our collection is available in a variety of sizes, glazes and designs.

Education / Documents / Seminars

Pacific Coast Building Products has developed seminar programs for the specification community that cover numerous topics relevant to clay and concrete masonry, composite wood materials, roofing, and drywall products. Our courses are registered with AIA, AIBC, and LA continuing education programs. Additionally, some courses are approved by GBCI for LEED AP credit.
>> National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI)

Our Story

The days of the Gold Rush had long passed when the earth yielded yet another treasure. This time in the form of "potter's clay" in Lincoln, California. In the fall of 1874 Charles Gladding of Chicago was visiting California when he read the news of the clay find. He traveled to Lincoln, took samples of the clay and sent them back to Chicago for testing by ceramic experts.

The results surpassed his expectations.

The clay proved to be of excellent quality and was in abundant supply. On May 12, 1875, along with new partners Peter McGill McBean and George Chambers, Charles Gladding returned to Lincoln with a group of skilled craftsmen and Gladding, McBean and Co was born. Soon Gladding, McBean began shipping clay sewer pipe to towns throughout the state of California...